How to shop

Hi, you can follow our step-by-step guide to help you in your shopping with us.

1) You can make your purchase through our online store (international).

2) The default currency listed in our online store is in Singapore Dollars (SGD). You can also select your preferred currency in our online store. 



3) Select the collection that you want to shop from our menu.



4) You can select your preferred colours, sizes and quantity for your items. After you have selected your preferred options, you can add the items into your shopping cart by clicking on "Add to Cart". Repeat these steps for all the items that you want to buy.



5) After you have selected the options for all the items that you want to buy, click on the "Cart" at the top of the page.



6) Review the items and their options and proceed to "Check Out". You can also choose to check out via Paypal or GooglePay.



7) Fill in your contact information and shipping details. This will allow us to ship your items over to you. Click on "Continue to shipping method" after you have completed the fields.



8) You can select your preferred shipping method. You can also enjoy free shipping when you made purchase of the required value. You can refer to our "Purchase and Shipping" for the shipping details. Proceed to payment method after you have completed the shipping selection.



9) Complete the fields required for your payment method. If you have store credits or discount code, you can also key in the codes into the gift card or discount code field. Proceed to click on "Complete order" when you are done. A order confirmation email will be sent to you after you completed your order.



10) Now sit back, relax while we arrange for your order to be delivered to you. Or you can also start your next shopping with us while waiting 😉



Thank you for shopping with us!

Team Oddxlabel


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